Aloha, E Komo Mai

Welcome to you and thank you for your interest in our photographic artwork.  We are based in Raleigh, NC and travel to Kauai, HI throughout the year. We are a proud member of the North Carolina Professional Photographers Association and the Professional Photographers of America.

You can find us on location throughout North Carolina in the Raleigh and surrounding communities.


We greet you with the aloha spirit, which is not just a simple hello or goodbye, but a sharing of the inner spirit. You may have seen many Polynesians greet each other by touching foreheads. This is the Honi, in which we share the inner spirit of one another, the essence of aloha. Aloha has many meanings and can be used to express love, compassion, and sympathy. 

Aloha is a way of life. We care for our families and friends. We build relationships with the people we meet and hope we create a lasting bond. This is our aloha!

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